Welcome to CRUNK!!! Energy’s Spotlight

This is CRUNK!!! Energy’s Spotlight!

CRUNK!!! Energy has had its roots in the music industry ever since it was brought to the center stage in 2004 by the late Sidney Frank. CRUNK!!! and its term, crunk, took a life of its own – the theme to many hip-hop and rap artist’s songs at the time. Everyone wanted to GET CRUNK!!!

Well, now it’s time to GET CRUNK!!! once again!

This series will feature talented artists, DJ’s, bands and musicians from all across the country. We share their story so you can get to know the person behind the sound.

Want to be featured on Spotlight? Hit the contact tab at the top of the page and follow our requirements. We will review ALL applicants. Did we mention we give two cases of CRUNK!!! to every featured artist? Truth.


Stay energized,

CRUNK!!! Energy


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