The Rockstar DJ TRE


The Rockstar DJ TRE has been with CRUNK since 2004 and is the official DJ for The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. His style can be described as open format Trap EDM with many edits and remixes. Join CRUNK!!! Energy as we learn how Rockstar DJ TRE got his start and why he became a DJ.


Introduce yourself:

My performer name is Rockstar DJ TRE, I am the official DJ for The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and many other companies. If I had to narrow down my style of music. I’d say I’m open format with a lot of edits and remixes. I do a lot of themed events, including retro, horror etc.


The newest release from Rockstar DJ Tre. Part 3 of the sinister House Of Horrors mix series, “The Attic”.


Why did you decide to begin a career in Music?

At a very young age I began dancing. Breakdancing was always a hobby, that turned into a passion and after awhile I noticed I payed just as much attention to the songs, the beat and the DJ as I did to the moves I was doing on the dance floor. So I knew I had to surround myself with music and performing to really be happy.


What moment(s) in your life led you to your music career?

I think I was about 16 when I found my moms old record player, and always wanted to be like the rappers and DJ’s on music videos. watching crews from Run DMC to Boogie Down Productions, even Doug E Fresh and Jazzy Jeff. I obtained my own record player that had the two tape players attached (You know the real cheap kind lol). Well using that, a broken needle that I replaced with a sewing needle and a very nice copy of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I not only fell in love with the idea of DJ-ing but got a nice butt whoopin’ for ruining that record.


What’s your musical background?

I am pretty self-taught. I haven’t went to any sort of school. I have grown up watching and learning from peers in the industry though. I started with a decent pair of Stanton record players, moved up to Technics, and eventually, as much as I miss it. Changed in to the CDs, and now Serato with Pioneer CDJ’s and controllers.


What themes do you include in your music?

Horror is a HUGE impact in my DJing. I love DJing horror conventions, Halloween parties and horror themed shows. Taking clips from your favorite scary movie and mixing it into a beat really gets the blood flowing (no pun intended lol).


Where do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration is all around you. I see it in others body language, a song on TV, and the commercial it’s playing with. Watching another DJ pour their heart into a track, or into a mix…Brings new life to me and gets me excited for them and for me to remix it or add my own flair!


Who is your favorite artist? Have they impacted the music you make?

I would have to say I am an old hip-hop head at heart. I try to include beats, or vocals from older cuts to put into new styles that way people can still get a dose of the good old days. Growing up with NWA, Run DMC, DMX, Tupac, even the pop stuff like Vanilla Ice and Sir Mix-A-lot. Lots of hard bass and good booty shakers are a must for my style. It has transitioned into the newer sounds of EDM, Trap and Twerk music we use a lot of these days.


What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?

My childhood was spent traveling a lot. My step-father had a job that had use moving state to state yearly. So I met a lot of people but didn’t develop long friendships until high school. I think that allowed me to focus more on my drive of music and hearing different styles from across the states.


What’s your scariest experience as a DJ?

As an entertainer, I think the scariest experience is always wondering if you will make a mistake while performing in front of thousands of people. I am very OCD about setup, tear down, set selections and pleasing the people in the crowd. It comes with having a true passion for making people happy through the music you provide.


What motivates you?

The underdog has always motivated me. Those who don’t have it easy. Those who strive to prove others wrong with so much less to offer or show for it. I didn’t have a rich white-collar childhood. So you tend to appreciate the little things and seeing so many people from rich to poor enjoying what someone is doing no matter the amount of money or schooling is truly humbling.


What is your dream project? Or artist(s) to work with?

Seeing EDM artists working with classic rockstars today has always been a dream. Skrillex has been a huge influence in the dance music scene blending such different genres of music into a track. Id love to work with someone like him. My favorite artist is Mike Posner. He has went through a lot in his career as a singer and producer. From the bottom, to the top, back down and headed right back up again. But never lost sight of the prize and those who helped him obtain it. Much respect to Mike, would be honored to work with him anytime.


What do you do to prepare for performances?

I have been a loyal supporter of CRUNK since 2004. I used to buy and love the product before I began working with them. They are an underdog in a sea of energy drinks. But the taste is phenomenal, the team behind it is phenomenal and every experience with them has been amazing. So, to truthfully answer your question. I always have a few cans with me before a show. Mix a can with a little vodka to take the edge off. Say thank you to the entire crew helping me get up on that stage and do a hell of a show. A quick prayer to the Lord for allowing me to follow my dreams and a quick 20-second slow breather routine as I go up to the stage and rock it. CRUNK has gotten me to become a “Rockstar” by allowing my true hype personality to show through my performances.


What the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Never forget those who support regardless of fame and fortune. Those who appreciate you for you and what you bring to the table. Family first, they are the ones who molded you into the person you are.


You can find The Rockstar DJ TRE on all social media spots:

Twitter – Rockstardjtre

Facebook – Therockstardjtre

IG – Rocktardjtre

Catch him live! Weekly live sessions at 8pm-10pm eastern. Live, DJ webcasts from DJ DEE and Rockstar DJ TRE! Featuring live chat, EDM, house music, mashups and more!

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