Producer: Stir Crazy

I am a music producer out of Detroit, MI that goes by the name of Stir Crazy. I make rap, hip hop, alternative and other musical compositions. I work around artists of many styles of all sorts!

Here is a sample of one of the songs he produced – “If They Don’t Come For Me” by Twiztid.

Why did you decide to begin a career in Music?

Ever since I was young, I knew music would be a part of my life. A few amazing people to help introduce me to specific types of music that helped make my decision early on that I would in fact and at any cost be apart of the music scene.


What’s your musical background?

I am a self-taught pianist and sound designer/ manipulator. I enjoy creating my own works as well as taking something already there and making it brand new.


What was the moment you knew you wanted to follow your music career?

I knew right away that I was going to stay on top of things and work around any obstacles to follow the path I wanted..even if that meant breaking down doors or forcing my way to where I was meant to be.


How young were you when you found music / started practicing?

Music was in my head floating around waiting to escape for an extremely long time. I always looked for ways to express myself musically even if it meant odd or nontraditional ways of doing so. It seems many these days due to modern technology will never know the experience of recording music to cassette with terrible microphones and a boombox. I also remember Recording sounds of anything I could in 1992 on a fisher price tape recorder with a microphone attached. I was around 5 years old and still have some of the tapes!


Do you have a formal music education background?

I took college music business classes. I knew that the talent was there, but the hard part was making sure I made the correct or best choices when it came to the business side of things. I learned music production from staying close to other older music producers that were involved in the music scene. I always felt a hands-on learning experience is important. I sometimes feel that many music teachers are failed musicians. If they could not succeed with their knowledge or talents how could they expect the students they are teachers to do so? It is best to learn from people that are in the place YOU want to be.


Have there been any mistakes in your early career? What have you learned from them as you have become more experienced?

Early on there were many mistakes. When the internet picked up I learned that things you say online can much easier be twisted and anything positive could be made to sound negative. Sometimes while typing or the like the tone is not there. I recommend artists be careful online and have a plan far ahead as something being sporadic can lead to terrible things happening.


Who is your favorite artist? Have they impacted the music you make?

I have a few music producers I very much enjoy. J Dilla, Just Blaze, Black Milk to name a few. I really and honestly respect anyone that enjoys making music and my favorite artists or producers are the ones you can feel and realize actually have a blast doing what they are doing. I can not say they specifically had a huge impact on my work, but they are/were motivation to keep doing better.


What themes do you include in your music?

Realistically, I try to base my production around emotion. If you can make someone feel like the production is telling a story it makes everything much easier on the vocalist recording over it.


What’s your scariest experience?

Scariest experience would be not knowing if what I am doing and love will be understood by others hearing it. I have had times where artists did not fully get what I was trying to do production wise. That is pretty frighting as a producer.


Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration comes from everything around me. My environment and the people I surround myself with. I start all music with an energy drink and let my mind go to work. My best work comes out at night and having the extra punch to the face that CRUNK Energy drink gives helps keep me focused and awake.


What motivates you?

I am motivated and driven by the love and respect for the music. If you love something, I meant really adore anything…. it will guide and push you to the correct direction.


What is your dream project? Or artist(s) to work with?

A dream project of mine would be working along all of the friends I have made along the way threw-out time with music. A massive project with all of the talented artist.


What the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Based on your own experiences what advice would you give other aspiring artists?

The best advice I have ever been given: do not do the music for solely the financial aspects. It will drag you down a deep hole fast. If you do it because you enjoy it the money and perks will come! With that said, my advice is to know how to manage money correctly. Mistakes can be devastating when it comes to the wrong or not so bright investments. Also, work extremely hard to become where you ant to be. Do not half a$$ anything and expect it to shine. Give your full attention to all you do and do the best you possibly can.

What do you do to prepare for performances?

For DJ gigs and late night studio sessions, I have to have my caffeine. I need to be beyond focused and CRUNK help me in that aspect. I can not help but mention that I love the fact it is all natural with a lot of health herbs and vitamins!!


Please take the time to check out his music production at !

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