CRUNK!!! Energy has its roots in the music industry.  CRUNK!!! Energy was born in 2004, by renowned spirits entrepreneur, Sidney Frank. The challenge was to craft a quality energy supplement that embodied an edgy and uninhibited style infused with Sidney Frank’s radical, trailblazing business savvy attitude.


CRUNK!!! Energy and its name took the hip-hop/rap music scene by storm – featured in many songs at the time. Artists turned to CRUNK!!! to give them the energy they need to make it in the fast passed world of entertainment. This pushed CRUNK!!! the forefront of the music scene and front runner in sponsoring musical talent.

CRUNK!!! Energy’s Spotlight focuses on talented artists in the music industry today. We take a step into lives of DJ’s, hip-hop artists, rappers and more who show a passion for a beautiful thing we call music.