My name is Daddy Long Legs and I am one of the members of the ever mutation band WOLFPAC from the suburban nether void of Philadelphia of Pennsylvania. The music we perform is a hybrid of rap, hard-core, horror-core, punk and metal and very hard to put in one box.



Why did you decide to begin a career in Music?

It’s funny because music found us so to speak. I have always been a huge fan of underground music, growing up in Long Island New York a long time ago, we were seeing the birth of hip hop right in my back yard with artists like MC Shan and Marley Marl, YBT, Public Enemy, Run DMC, UFTO, EPMD, and so may others while also seeing the birth of NY hardcore a 15 minute ride away from the city to CBGB’s seeing a completely different side of an underground music scene with bands like Judge, Sick of it All, Youth of Today and Agnostic Front, it was pretty clear at that point, very early on, that even though I had not explored any real musical teaching I was going to do something in music.

What moment(s) in your life led you to your music career?

Pretty much just growing up around different musical scenes, which functioned more like a family then, my own. While I didn’t have a bad home life, both parents worked hard to provide for us so it was more like an absent home life.

Do you have a formal music education background?

No, not at all. As far as how we learned was just by watching others and mimicking them. Talked to bands and artists we liked and used that mixture as a target. As far as the music and the recording goes, it was just a matter of working hard to buy stuff and then self-teaching ourselves how to do what we do. There was no internet, no YouTube, so you were pretty much on your own, left with a owners manual and the gear with the hopes you could find someone who knew more than you to leech knowledge off of. Probably while most of our demo stuff sucked!

Have there been any mistakes in your early career? What have you learned from them as you have become more experienced?

I really don’t believe in mistakes, I think every move good or bad has a purpose to a greater end. We all learn from our mistakes, so they are really opportunities to evolve into that next better version of yourself. I have zero regrets, and I am happy for everything we are blessed with even the bumps in the road.

Who is your favorite artist? Have they impacted the music you make?

So many to name but if I had to pick I could boil it down to four. The Misfits, Frank Sinatra, Wutang Clan and Insane Clown Posse. All for the same reason really. They all have been pioneers who developed their own sound that was unlike any others of their time and they all got to where they are by independent hard work at first. When you don’t fit into any box at first society tends to avoid you, especially if they don’t understand you. It’s at that point you have to make your own box to fit in, to not conform to them but make them conform to you, that takes a lot of blood sweat and tears and all four of those acts had to come up the hard way.

What themes do you include in your music?

There is not real theme, we just write what we know, let our frustrations come out in over exaggerated examples of ourselves. Our version of the purge meets therapy meet things that interest us.

What’s your scariest experience?

Nothing really scary, our whole group is pretty self-sufficient and able to handle what is thrown our way. From being denied entry and held in customs in the UK for 24 hours to getting shot at by wannabe gang bangers we have seen it all, nothing really scares us.

Where do you find inspiration?

Life, God, family, our fans, which is really more like our family, what they go thru on a day to day, we are no different and try to put that out there so they too can use what we create as a form of expression while letting off a little steam.

What motivates you?

Not sure, my brain just doesn’t stop really, just sort of oozes ideas and concepts, some worth developing some not worth the paper they are written on. All I know is, in the end, I hope I was all I was suppose to be and that we honored God by not taking what we have for granted.

What is your dream project? Or artist(s) to work with?

I would love to form a super group with some artists that would never have worked together in the first place. Like take Doyle from the Misfits, The Rza from WuTang Clan, Mick from Slipknot, DJ Towa Tei from Deee-Lite and Martin Gore from Depeche Mode and put them all in a room to make an EP!

What the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Based on your own experiences what advice would you give other aspiring artists? Follow your gut, not your heart. Your gut never lets you down and your heart can be seduced easily. Also if you’re not willing to give 100% of yourself to your music and business don’t bother.

What do you do to prepare for performances? 

When we have it we drink CRUNK like its water on and off stage. Everyone has their little rituals, I like to say a prayer, thanking God for the opportunities to do what it is that I am doing, and praying that it’s in his will that we don’t suck that night, but if we do we know its for a good reason and we accept that too. Then some slight stretching and off to the stage we go, the music does the rest!


We would just like to thank all of those who have supported us through the years and continue to be down with WOLFPAC! It’s because of you all that we able to do the things we do, without you, we are nothing!

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